Dicther: Walls have ears, the Israeli eye sees all

Former Shin Bet director Avi Dicther releases election time video in which he goes undercover to fight PA terrorism.

MK Avi Dichter [Likud] in an election video presenting him as an undercover agent who fights PA pay-to-slay policies
MK Avi Dicther [Likud] released an election time video on Thursday in which he wears Arab garbs and negotiates what would happen should his son attempt to kill Jews and be placed in prison.
"Why we have a price table!" The actor playing the role of a PA official says, listing the degrees of time served in prison and the size of the sums the family is expected to get, should the young man attempt to harm Jews.
"What if he fails?" Dichter asks, "what if the Israelis kill him?"
"In that case YOU will get the money," the official says.
The video ends with Dichter peeling off his costume and saying "walls have ears, nothing escapes the Israeli eye!"
He then goes on to explain that the law he sponsored ensures that every penny the PA hands over to terrorists and their families will be subtracted from the payments Israel delivers to the PA.
"Come my son," Dichter says at the end, "we will find you a better line of work than working for these no good men."