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Palestinian President Yasser Arafat and former Shin Bet head MK Avi Dichter (Likud)
Former Shin Bet head: Arafat smuggled terrorists in his Mercedes

Dichter: "Arafat smuggled terrorists from Egypt two months after PA was established."

Avi Dichter
The Dichter Doctrine must be applied in Gaza

Rather than succumb, Israelis did what we do best – we fought for life, and we lived on.

Dichter: As Hamas digs tunnels, they also dig their cemeteries

“It looks as if it’s just riots by civilians,” he said, “but it’s not. We have to confront it. Once they cross, it’s going to be a very problematic situation," Dichter said.

Candidates battling for Likud’s top tough-guy title

The top contenders for party’s top security figure are MK Avi Dichter and Immigration and Absorption Minister Yoav Gallant.

Netanyahu: Nasrallah embarrassed by Israel's successes

Avi Dichter warned Sunday that Hezbollah may have additional cross-border attack tunnels that Israel has yet to discover.

Avi Dichter
Dicther: Walls have ears, the Israeli eye sees all

Former Shin Bet director Avi Dicther releases election time video in which he goes undercover to fight PA terrorism.

Dichter: PM knows there can’t be a Palestinian state

Avi Dichter is one of many Likud politicians who have dismissed the idea of a Palestinian state in this election.

AG ruling: House demolition prohibited if attacker is mentally incompetent

The attorney-general also said that Israel was always walking a fine-line with house demolitions since most of the world characterized them as illegal collective punishment.

Garbage dump
Avi Dichter wants to expand house demolitions to attempted terror cases

Dichter said that the message of deterrence should be used on anyone who is considering an ideologically violent attack.

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