Dramatic rescue of man trapped in Jerusalem area flooding - watch

Flooding caused by Thursday's heavy rain turned the road into a rushing stream of water.

Man rescued from flooding
A man clinging to the roof of his car that was immersed in flood waters was rescued by emergency crews in the Arazim Valley north of Jerusalem on Thursday.
The car was swept away by the torrential rains that fell on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.
As the man clung to the roof of his car, a rescue team in a rubber raft raced to the scene and extracted him using ropes. A helicopter was also deployed but an aerial evacuation was not needed.
A second man present in the vehicle was rescued after falling in the water. He was transferred to the medical team to receive treatment.
Flooding caused by Thursday’s heavy rain led to numerous traffic disruptions as the police were forced to close routes across the country.
The storm also caused damage to vehicles hit by falling trees.