Drug dealers disguise as food delivery guys in time of coronavirus

“These are stressful times,” a weed smoker told Ynet, “so we actually smoke a lot more.”

Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv (photo credit: ILLUSTRATIVE PEXELS)
Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv
Due to the Health Ministry restrictions on free travel to curb the spread of coronavirus, drug dealers began using the uniforms of Wolt and Gett Delivery to pass weed and cocaine to respective customers. The deliveries are often done by real employees of the firms who can make a lot more money by passing along such substances.  
“This is a new financial opportunity," a man called Avi (not his real name) told Ynet, “when you have the uniforms on you can even leave the city with cocaine.”  
“The cops don’t even give you a second glance,” he said, “you’re not conspicuous.”   
Ahmed (fake name) was already selling drugs when he realized dressing up as a delivery man is the way of the future. He claimed that even older people, “the same age as grandfather” began working in the field just to make money.  
It seems there is no obligation to return the uniform to Wolt once a person no longer works there and that they are not hard to obtain. People in online groups look to pay as much as NIS 1,000 for a Wolt jacket.
“Quarantine and lockdown make people smoke a lot more,” said one drug user, “it’s actually very creative to find a way to deliver drugs in this manner.”  
Wolt denounced the new trend, which exploits their brand, and said it filed a request to the police to act against those who pretend to be its workers. It also promised not to tolerate cases of actual employees using the brand to sell drugs.  
The life of a weed-delivery guy are depicted in the fictional show High Maintenance created by Ben Sinclair who also plays the lead role.