Economy Minister Eli Cohen toured the Klil factory for alumin windows

This factory is will create more jobs and will benefit of the entire northern periphery, said Cohen.

Eli Cohen (photo credit: OPHIR AVEY)
Eli Cohen
(photo credit: OPHIR AVEY)
Economy Minister Eli Cohen and Karmiel Mayor Moshe Koninsky toured the Klil factory in Karmiel, which is the leading brand of aluminum windows in Israel, and met with the management, headed by chairman Tzur Daboosh and CEO Arie (Richi) Richtman.
Cohen said the development and advancement of business and industry in Karmiel will create more jobs and will benefit of the entire northern periphery.
“Promoting the periphery is part of the government’s commitment and is the top priority of the Economy and Industry Ministry,” he said.
Daboosh said that the good responses to Klil’s Bauhaus windows prove that Cohen believes the North can be just as innovative as any other part of the country.
“Eli Cohen is a partner to the concept of innovation as a growth engine, including in traditional industry,” said Daboosh, “and he reinforced our belief in the need to formulate a path of assistance for outstanding companies such as Klil, which does not export and constitutes a source of income for hundreds of workers in the periphery.”