Efficient electricity in winter

With one of Israel's stormiest winters yet, here is a list of recommendations, tips, and safety rules to properly manage electricity and appliances at home.

Israel Electric Corporation (photo credit: Courtesy)
Israel Electric Corporation
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Due to the stormy weather, the Israel Electric Company has compiled a list of safety rules, tips and recommendations for the correct management of general electricity and appliances during wintertime.
Winter safety rules
• Fallen Cables: During windstorms, electricity cables might be torn by strong winds, falling trees, etc. Report torn cables immediately to the IEC 103 call center or the police 100 call center; avoid contact due to danger of electrocution;
• Outage Information: Call the 103 call center for info about planned and unplanned outages
• Secure Items: Fasten or remove items on rooftops or balconies that might blow off during strong gusts and damage power lines.
• Vigilance: If you notice unstable trees or power poles, or branches that might come in contact with power lines, please report to the 106 call center or the IEC 103 call center.
• Heating: Heat residences using an air conditioner as it is the most power-efficient and economical heating source. Turn your thermostat to 20 C and mount a heat-sensor to keep track of the temperature. Every 1º centigrade above this setting raises power consumption for heating by 5%.
Wintertime recommendations and tips
What is the best way to heat a residence?
The air conditioner is two to three times more efficient than other heating sources, and usually safer. When buying a new air conditioner, choose a device with grade A power efficiency. Contrary to summertime’s tip for keeping the thermostat on 25º, during wintertime, set the temperature between 18º to 20º.
What is the recommended way of heating when you cannot use an A/C?
Choose heating sources with built-in thermostats – such as convectors and radiators. The thermostat stops the appliance’s activity when the desired temperature is kept, conserving power and costs.
Which bulbs conserve power consumption for lighting?
Cost-effective light bulbs have life spans eight times longer than incandescent bulbs and lower power consumption up to 80%. When you leave a room for a prolonged period, turn off the light to avoid wasting power.
Are washing machine half-load programs economical?
When your laundry machine, dryer or dishwasher are not full, it is recommended to wait until it fills up, as using two half-capacity programs can raise power consumption by up to 40% compared to one full cycle. Of course, the half capacity program is better in times of need than using full cycle program with half the capacity. Also, you can save power consumption by using the fastest wringing setting in your laundry machine, before using your dryer. When buying a new laundry machine, make sure it has fast wringing setting.
For more information on conserving power usage during wintertime or in general: