Explosive thrown at IDF position south of Jerusalem, soldier moderately injured

Opposition leader Issac Herzog warned of the prospect of a third intifada, Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan suggested the attack may be related to High Court's decision to release hunger striker.

Explosive thrown at IDF position south of Jerusalem, soldier moderately injured
One soldier was moderately injured after an amateur-made explosive was thrown at an IDF position near Beit Jala, south of Jerusalem, on Wednesday evening. The soldier was treated by IDF medical response teams at the scene, and was evacuated to Hadassah University Medical Center for further treatment shortly thereafter.
Israeli Security Forces are investigating the event and are sweeping the area for suspects.
Opposition leader Issac Herzog was outraged by Wednesday's terrorist attack against an IDF soldier, while warning of the prospect of a third intifada.
"Those who harm Israelis will suffer the consequences," Herzog said, warning "without drastic changes, we may find ourselves in a third intifada."
In response to Herzog's statements, a senior Likud official stated "rather than stand alongside the government in the fight against terror, and take part in Israel's public relation efforts, the opposition is not swayed by the facts, and continues to deal mainly with small politics and are compliant to those who incite terror, and absolutely refuse to condemn it."
Deputy Defense Minister Eli Ben-Dahan stated that the attack tonight was "perpetrated because the Palestinians are working to build a Palestinian state free of Jews," and noted that "The High Court's decision to free hunger-striker  Muhammad Allan has proved to the Palestinians that they can win us with terror tactics and hunger strikes."
"This ruling threatens the security Israel," he added. "Surrendering to the blackmail of a prisoner is rewarding acts of terror, and will only result in mass hunger strikes of prisoners."
Additionally, he said that the perpetrators of the attempted bombing were part of a group in a car, although he suggested that there might be multiple terror groups who may be connected to the attack. He added that the government needs to take strong measures against these suspected terror groups, and, if necessary, sweep areas where suspected terror groups may be operating out of.
Over the last several weeks, multiple terror attacks have taken place, especially around the Jerusalem area.
Earlier Wednesday evening, a father and his toddler were lightly injured after stone-throwers lobbed rocks at their moving vehicle on highway 45 near Jerusalem. Both were evacuated to a nearby Jerusalem hospital for treatment. Israeli Security Forces arrived at the scene shortly after and are investigating the event.