Man dies, another injured as rainstorms flood central Israel

Hail pounds northern Israeli cities, causing damage to property.

Large hail in northern Israel (photo credit: NIMROD GANSERSKY)
Large hail in northern Israel
(photo credit: NIMROD GANSERSKY)
Monday’s inclement weather cost one man his life when he slipped from a roof and left another injured as a bus stop collapsed into a street destroyed by the storm.

Magen David Adom paramedics reported that at 2:34 p.m. they received a report of a 78-year-old man who slipped and fell from a third story balcony in Petah Tikva while repairing an overhang during the storm.In Holon, the storm caused a portion of Hofein-Fichman Street to wash away, leaving a 74-year-old man lightly hurt as the bus stop he was waiting at sunk into a hole caused by the storm.Elsewhere in Holon and Bat Yam, the storms closed several intersections as streets flooded.In the North, heavy hail storms were reported in Haifa and Kiryat Yam, though no injuries were reported as a result. The storms, which lasted only a few minutes, began just before 6 a.m. with unusually strong winds and large balls of hail.In Haifa and the surrounding area trees fell due to the strong winds in the area. The hail caused damage to several cars, while some residents reported downed electric wires and damage to buildings.In Kiryat Ata on Zevulun Street, a solar panel was blown off a roof and damaged a car below.The large hail balls that hit the North were a result of “a well-developed cumulonimbus cloud” – or storm clouds, Dr. Amos Porat, director of the Israel Meteorological Services Climate Department, told The Jerusalem Post.“These clouds, especially those with intense updrafts, high liquid water content, great vertical extent, large water droplets and vertically developed have a strong chance of creating large hail balls,” Porat said.The development of such clouds requires a certain level of instability, which is the result of warm air at low-level layers following Sunday’s rise in temperatures, combined with cold air at the upper levels of the atmosphere, according to Porat.Rain is expected to continue falling in central Israel as well, throughout Monday and Tuesday, he said. From Wednesday on, however, the country can expect “at least a few days of warm and dry weather,” Porat added.Jerusalem Post staff contributed to this report.