Forest burnt by terror blossoms thanks to Olim who learn Hebrew

All graduate students of the Ulpan system will be invited to plant a tree in the Rohama forest in southern Israel.

Olim B'Ivrit (photo credit: JEWISH NATIONAL FUND ARCHIVES)
Olim B'Ivrit
Are you an ole? Did you recently finish ulpan [Hebrew school]? If so the World Zionist Organization [WZO] and the Jewish National Fund invite you to bring a burnt forest back to life. 
Burned to the earth by Hamas incendiary balloon terror, Rohama forest in the south of the country is now part of a special project, recent immigrants can now plant a tree in a section of the woods named the Hebrew olim grove [Olim B'Ivrit].
The project is meant to increase the connection students and graduates of the Ulpans feel towards Israel,” said head of the department to promote Alyah in WZO Marina Rozenberg-Koritny 
She further said that this extra bridge between the students and Israel will create another point of contact that will increase their chances of immigrating to Israel.