Get radiant for 2021 with luxurious beauty products for him and her

This holiday season we are mostly celebrating at home, so make sure you are well-stocked and well-rested

Gilette's new King C line. December 2020 (photo credit: Courtesy)
Gilette's new King C line. December 2020
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Stay glamorous at any age
As we age, our skin becomes more fragile, thinner and less radiant, leaving many women looking washed out. The L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age range has been specifically formulated for very mature skin to restore natural rosy skin tone and help fight sagging. Enriched with peony polyphenols, the formula stimulates the top layer of the skin to help restore skin density and to revive its rosy color for radiant, more beautiful skin every day. The line includes day and night creams (NIS 120 each), eye cream (NIS 120) and serum (NIS 120). The secret ingredient is neo-calcium, known for its strengthening qualities that in regular use will improve the density of the skin cells resulting in more supple and young-looking skin.
Premium for less
Israel’s premium Dead Sea cosmetics brand Minus 417 (-417) is offering their excellent products at reduced prices until the end of December. Choose from Rehabilitating Mud Mask (NIS 285 instead of NIS 380), Night Vegan Beauty Cream (NIS 160 instead of NIS 210), Serum with Hyaluronic Acid and Olive Oil (NIS 185 instead of NIS 120) and more. Grab it while you can!
New skin for the New Year
Extending its most iconic line, Clinique added recently Moisture Surge Intense, a 72-hour lipid replenishing hydration that is even better than its predecessors. Providing skin with intensive hydration in a rich gel texture, the new formula promises to continue hydrating the skin for 72 hours. The new cream helps strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and enrich the content of lipids in the skin. The result: a radiant and velvety skin. The new technology, ‘Auto-Replenishing Lipid-Filler’ with caffeine, helps trigger skin’s own rehydration system. Hyaluronic Acid fragments and Activated Aloe Water plump skin with moisture. A super-holding matrix of humectants and polymers help reduce water loss and seal in moisture. A great gift for the New Year. For normal to dry skin, use morning and evening on clean skin or as instant hydrating mask. NIS 145 for 50 ml. and NIS 90 for 30 ml.
Follow the fuller trend
Full, thick eyebrows are part of the new look in recent years and those with thinner, pale eyebrows trying to adjust may find it difficult. On the one hand, you can always opt for the radical change and have them “tattooed’ in a beauty salon, or use a permanent coloring kit, much like dying your hair, but less radical solutions are what I prefer and Maybelline New York has just introduced a new brow pencil that could be the solution for people like me. The new “Brow Extensions” pencil has thin fibers that help create a natural-looking thicker brow in an instant. Love it. Choose a shade closer to your natural hair color for perfectly shaped brows. NIS 40.
Pamper your beard
Beards are in again and most younger men now seem to have them. Gillette introduced a new line – King C. – products that help men shape and pamper their facial hair. King C. Gillette offer a full line, including a beard shaper with 11 different lengths and three heads (launch price NIS 129.90).
Other products in the line include a five-blade razor that according to the man in the house is fantastic. The razor has an extra back blade suitable for shaping the beard and an ergonomic handle (special price NIS 49.90); Clear shaving gel to help being precise while trimming the beard (NIS 34.90), a special shampoo to condition the beard’s hair, while nourishing the skin (NIS 34.90), a conditioning balm with a unique herbal scent (NIS 34.90) and an oil for making the beard look healthier and shiny while adding hydration. The herbal oil is light and scented like all the products, with spicy-herbal scent of cardamom, ginger, sage, algom and pine wood. (NIS 34.90). All the products are available in the Superpharm stores and online.
Go soft this time
Wella has introduced a new home hair dying kit that promises not only not to harm hair but actually nurture it. The new Soft Color by Wella offers 12 shades, from black to light blonde for a perfect match. This new hair wash promises to hold for 28 hair washes, harmoniously cover up to 70% of white hair, and leave hair soft and shiny. Ingredients include shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera. The kit includes color, developing cream, two hair masks and a pair of gloves. Available only at Superpharm stores, NIS 39.90.
Green Malachite
Makers of the best-selling premium Russian vodka in the world, Ruski Standard has launched a special New Year edition of Ruski. This year the collection is called Malachite, celebrating the beautiful green stone. Malachite is associated in Russian culture with luxury, and was one of the royal stones that represented the Romanoff dynasty. The collectors’ edition is very limited. The green bottle is already available in stores. NIS 65.
Golden moments
Beluga Vodka launches its annual “Beluga Celebration” edition of celebratory golden bottles. This year the bottles are double-coated with platinum as well as gold and decorated with the famous hand-crafted metal beluga fish. The flavor, as always is perfect for New Year, especially for the more discerning drinkers. NIS 149.90
Squeeze it out
Baracke Tahini launched their excellent Tahini in a squeezable bottle a few months ago and it instantly became a hit – and for good reasons. Anyone who makes tahini at home knows how difficult it is to get the out the tahini once it gets hard. In the squeezable bottle this problem is solved and you can use the tahini until the end with ease. The new addition to the collection is whole-grain tahini with added za’atar. The color is slightly darker than regular and the flavor is great. Just add water, some salt and lots of lemon juice. Other items in the collection are delicate, tahini, tahini with added arisa (spicy) and whole-grain tahini. NIS 12.90