Greenblatt to Israel 'to continue peace track'

Special representative Jason Greenblatt will return to Israel in early October.

Jason Greenblatt (photo credit: Courtesy)
Jason Greenblatt
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Trump's chief negotiator will return to the region in advance of Sukkot "to continue the peace track" between Israelis and Palestinians, a senior White House official said on Sunday.
Jason Greenblatt, the president's special representative for international negotiations, will then stay in Israel with his family to mark the holiday.
"While President Trump had productive meetings with Prime Minister Netanyahu and President Abbas at the United Nations, we always said that the UN would not focus on peace conversations and that those conversations would be happening on a separate track," the official said. "The meetings are part of the Administration’s quiet, steady discussions towards peace."
Sukkot begins on October 4.