PM meets Guatemalan president in U.S., thanks him for Jerusalem recognition

Following US President Donald Trump, Guatemala to move its embassy to Jerusalem

Prime Minister Netanyahu met with the President of Guatemala, embassy to be moved in May, March 4, 2018 (GPO)
WASHINGTON – Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met Guatemalan President Jimmy Morales at the Blair House within hours of arriving in Washington on Sunday morning, and thanked him for recognizing Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, adding that he hopes the Guatemalan Embassy will be moved there soon.
Morales responded: “It is the right thing to do.”
Morales is expected to announce a date for the embassy move on Sunday evening when he addresses some 18,000 AIPAC supporters at the organization’s annual policy conference.
The Guatemalan president announced in December that his country would follow the US lead and move its embassy to Jerusalem. The country was one of only nine countries to vote against a UN resolution in December slamming the US for its recognition of Jerusalem.
Morales, a former television comedian, is an evangelical Christian whose election in October 2015 led to a strengthening of ties between Guatemala and Israel.
US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley visited Guatemala late last month and thanked Morales for his for his support of the US decision.