How are celebs celebrating Passover?

Mayim Bialik, Yael Grobglas, Roseanne Barr, Joshua Malina, Matisyahu and more get in the holiday spirit.

Mayim Bialik of the hit sitcom 'Big Bang Theory' (photo credit: Courtesy)
Mayim Bialik of the hit sitcom 'Big Bang Theory'
(photo credit: Courtesy)
For Jews around the globe – including Jews in Hollywood – it’s a week of celebrating Passover. So what were your favorite Jewish celebrities up to this weekend?
Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik went full-blown for the holiday, sharing snapshots on Instagram shortly before Passover started of all her preparations.
Bialik tied her cabinets closed with Big Bang Theory-marked ribbon, covered her kitchen counters with a tablecloth, got a horseradish plant for the Seder and kashered her microwave for the holiday.

In a blog post, Bialik wrote that this year “my ex-husband and I are taking our moms and our kids to a Jewish family camp for the Seders... it feels good to try something new.”
Joshua Malina, the actor from The West Wing, Scandal and more, is celebrating in a pretty traditional way this year. On Instagram, he shared images over the past week of a huge pot of matzah ball soup, a box of Streit’s Matzo Farfel and a bag of Paskez-brand Passover-friendly snacks. And over on Twitter, Malina used the holiday to fund-raise for Mazon, a Jewish nonprofit that works to alleviate hunger.
“On Passover we proclaim ‘Let all who are hungry come and eat,’ yet who among us throws open his door to those in need?” Malina wrote. “It’s a good time to offer a meal to the hungry on our streets, or to make a donation to @MAZONusa (or your favorite organization that addresses food insecurity).”
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Supermodel Bar Refaeli, who is deep into preparations to host this year’s Eurovision in Tel Aviv, shared a snapshot of flowers on her Instagram story with the caption “Happy Passover.”
Singer Matisyahu posted a selfie on Saturday with his girlfriend and the caption “Happy Passover,” then followed it up with a photo of breakfast, titled “An instant classic: the Matisyahu 420 Pesach freedom sloppy brisket scramble.”
Will and Grace star Debra Messing posted a selfie on Instagram of her and her son at the Seder.
“Passover Seder with our chosen family,” she wrote, “(and yes, I know there’s something in my teeth so you don’t have to tell me.)” In a separate Instagram post, Messing issued a call to action: “Today is Passover. A Holiday that celebrates the Jews freedom from slavery and oppression,” she wrote. “It’s a happy holiday. We give thanks, and ask God to free all peoples who are oppressed and don’t enjoy equanimity all over the world. We must start in our own back yard.”

In the week leading up to Passover, disgraced comedian and actress Roseanne Barr posted several dozen increasingly bizarre videos to YouTube. In one, titled “Leaving slavery,” the actress told the camera: “Tomorrow is Passover. If you want to leave slavery tomorrow – you’re welcome to join. My prayer is that we all leave... our personal slavery to the big lie and instead we become slaves to the truth.”
Alex Borstein, star of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, posted a Seder selfie of her and her daughter, who was wearing a “blood” mask to represent one of the Ten Plagues: “Tonight was a bloody success. #passover2019,” she wrote.
Yael Grobglas, the Israeli-born actress in Jane the Virgin, enjoyed a Seder at the home of Israeli comedian Guri Alfi in Los Angeles. She shared snapshots of her plate of food, the Haggada used and herself chowing down on matzah with the caption: “Happy Passover friends!”

And in a more unexpected holiday blessings, rock star and gentile Paul McCartney posted on Twitter the message: “Have yourselves a happy little Passover.”

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