IDF on punishment of soldier eating non-kosher sandwich: We were wrong

"In the IDF, there is room for everyone," IDF Spokesman Almoz says.

Ham sandwich (photo credit: INGIMAGE)
Ham sandwich
(photo credit: INGIMAGE)
IDF Spokesman Brig.-Gen. Moti Almoz said Tuesday that the army erred in punishing a lone soldier who ate a non-kosher sandwich during an operation of his military unit.
"The IDF will continue to remain kosher, while not interfering in the sandwiches of its soldiers," Almoz said in a Facebook post.
The soldier in question, a lone soldier from the US, was originally sentenced to 11 days in military prison for eating a non-kosher sandwich, but his punishment was later reduced to confinement to his base after the IDF Spokesman's Office was confronted about the story by an Israel Radio reporter.
The comments by Almoz and the complete cancellation of the soldier's punishment came after the story was picked up by a number of Israeli and foreign news outlets.
Almoz said that "there is tension in Israeli society and there are varying positions and opinions. In the IDF there is room for everyone."
The IDF Spokesman added that the soldier's punishment had been rescinded and he was allowed to go home for leave with the rest of the cadets in his officers course.