International World Games Association CEO visits Israel

Gossow mentioned the possibility of a World Games happening in Israel within the next decade and mentioned a few points regarding the IWGA’s mission.

Joachim Gossow (photo credit: Courtesy)
Joachim Gossow
(photo credit: Courtesy)

International World Games Association CEO Joachim Gossow visited Israel this weekend to help promote the 2021 World Games in Birmingham, Alabama, as well as international sport throughout Israel, and to discuss ways of better supporting domestic sporting organizations within the state to become as competitive as they can be worldwide.

While here, Gossow visited the Western Wall and the Knesset, as well as the famous churches in the Christian Quarter of the Old City.
The International World Games have been held every four years since 1981 after the conclusion of the summer Olympic Games. They highlight many sporting events and disciplines that are not represented or contested within the Olympic Games, such as Lacrosse, Muay Thai fighting and football - as well as some that are, such as gymnastics, weightlifting, karate and archery.
The IWGA and the Israeli non-Olympic entity Ayelet work very closely together on these types of initiatives and projects, growing sport within the state and competing internationally on a truly high level. While in Israel, Gossow spoke at Ayelet's international conference to present an award as well as discuss Israel's future participation in the World Games.
"Ayelet has supported The World Games for many years. There is something like a friendship between Ayelet and the IWGA, not only between the organizations but also between the persons involved in this project," Gossow told The Jerusalem Post. "Our goal: We want to stage the best World Games ever. This is only possible in cooperation with everyone who can contribute to it. Ayelet as a national association belongs to these partners, on the way to the best World Games ever."
As Gossow described it, the World Games in a way are somewhat a "stepping stone" to the Olympics for many of the sports highlighted in the eleven-day event, and a way for many competitors to show off their talents on the world stage.
The IWGA and Gossow are hoping that Israeli athletes will choose to participate and thrive in the 2021 games - in order for the competition to gain the publicity it deserves, the association is traveling country by country promoting the games at a grassroots level, compiling as many countries and competitors as they can manage.
Regarding the Israeli hospitality Gossow received on his trip, he remarked: "I hope we can give some [of the hospitality] back in Birmingham 2021. I am very sure: Southern hospitality is proverbial for a good reason – the great interest and enthusiasm for the sports we represent in The World Games."
Gossow mentioned the possibility of a World Games happening in Israel within the next decade and added a few points regarding the IWGA’s mission.
"The World Games in Israel - why not?” he asked. “The games for 2029 have not yet been awarded. Less high on the shelf: A successful participation of Israeli athletes in the World Games will certainly help to make the sports in the country better known and more popular. The world of sport is not just football; we stand for the diversity of sport and want to spread this message as widely as possible," Gossow concluded.