Israel Police detain minor in clown mask

The boy was arrested while roaming the streets wearing a clown mask, arousing suspicion among Jerusalem residents.

Clowns in Afula (photo credit: Courtesy)
Clowns in Afula
(photo credit: Courtesy)
The Israel Police have arrested a 15-year-old who was allegedly roaming the streets of Jerusalem wearing a clown mask.
The boy, who was taken to Moriah station for interrogation, was reportedly also carrying a sponge.
A young girl was attacked by a clown in Beersheba earlier this week. The attack was the latest in a growing trend of clown-related incidents in Israel. Several arrests have been made of individuals wearing clown attacks.
The police reiterated their request for teenagers not to take part in such incidents that may lead to ''uncompromising police enforcement'' and forced parental supervision. They also noted that the recent phenomenon of people wearing masks - and sometimes carrying objects resembling assault rifles - may cause undue harm to those dressed as clowns, as someone may interpret them as a threat.
The police added that in a majority of similar cases, there were no instances of physical harm.