A hooded man holds a laptop computer as a blue screen with an exclamation mark is projected on him i

1 out of 3 online sex crimes offenses in Israel is against a minor - comptroller

A special report by the State Comptroller details the shockingly high frequency of sexual crimes committed against minors.

Tel Aviv municipality

Tel Aviv Municipality official Arnon Giladi investigated for sexual exploitation

According to the allegations, Giladi paid the then-15-year-old minor for sexual acts.

Only 10% of sexual abuse of minors cases are dealt with thoroughly - report

A debate was held in the Knesset regarding sexual abuse of minors to mark the Day for the Battle Against Sexual Violence.

Researchers learn from bones about the effects of lead

A study tested bones from throughout human history to check the levels of lead concentration in different eras.

Deep breaths: Smoking pollution in Tel Aviv

Tobacco sellers target youth and circumvent regulations - study

Tobacco shops are shown to be setting up in close proximity to schools * Companies try to find ways to get around the ban of advertising tobacco.


Court: Law punishing parents for childrens' rock-throwing illegal

A lawyer for Adalah - the NGO which filed the appeal to the High Court - said it is an "invalid, discriminatory and vengeful tool that violates the basic principles of criminal law."

Teen depression (illustrative)

Yeshiva teacher arrested for sexually assaulting minors

A yeshiva teacher has been arrested on the grounds of extorting sexual images and videos from minors.

Convicted sexual offender slapped with full one-year prison sentence

Shne'or Landau was convicted of indecent acts towards 17 minors, and was originally sentenced to seven months of community service.

Four minors accused of raping the same 14-year-old girl independently

Such cases of statutory rape, sexual assault, and gang rape among minors have become more common in recent years.

Individuals get set up at a corona-designated hotel in Jerusalem, December 21, 2020.

Alleged rapist of 13-year-old gets light sentence, sparks outrage

"The time has come for law enforcement to wake up and start responding harshly against all acts of violence and sexual assault in particular."

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