Israeli bus ad campaign wins Webby Award

'Throw in a Kind Word' depicts bus passengers learning more about their drivers.

BUS DRIVER Armando Segev once served as Ben-Gurion's bodyguard (photo credit: METROPOLINE/KOG)
BUS DRIVER Armando Segev once served as Ben-Gurion's bodyguard
(photo credit: METROPOLINE/KOG)
Metropoline, the Israeli bus company, won a Webby Award this week for an ad campaign reminding passengers to be nice to their drivers.
The campaign, titled "Throw in a Kind Word," was created in partnership with the KOG media company and won both the Webby Award and the People's Voice Award in the category of Video: Branded Entertainment - Live Experiences. The awards were announced this week, and will be handed out at a ceremony in New York on May 13. The trademark of the show is the signature five-word acceptance speech by each winner.
The 2.5-minute video opens with a series of bus drivers on the Metropoline buses, which operates mostly in the South and the Sharon regions of Israel.

"You ride with them every day," the ad proclaims. "Meet them every day. Now it's time to give them a kind word."
The bus company installed video screens and cameras on several bus routes to play short videos to introduce the passengers to their drivers - and to capture their reactions.
"I want to introduce you to an interesting person, your driver!" a woman tells the bus passengers. "Who also happens to be my husband, Armando Segev." Segev, it turns out, served as David Ben-Gurion's bodyguard during his military service. He was still driving a bus for Metropoline at the age of 85.
"When we thought of this campaign we never imagined where it would end up," said Livnat Cohen Dan, Metropoline's VP of marketing.
"The idea was born out of a need to create a positive and pleasant dialogue on buses. The campaign's goal is to make us realize that a kind word, interaction or even a smile is the most important and precious feedback that a service provider can receive, and that is what will make the service experience more positive for everyone."

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