Israeli car insurance discounted after installing Mobileye safety system

Recognizing that the advanced safety system, Mobileye, is saving lives and preventing car accidents, Israel now gives a discount to people who have installed the system.

The vehicle-dafety system by Mobileye (photo credit: REUTERS)
The vehicle-dafety system by Mobileye
(photo credit: REUTERS)
In recent years, the urgency of understanding the importance of safety systems in vehicles has grown. In key crash tests globally, vehicles equipped with advanced safety systems receive a high number of extra safety points. They prevent exactly what car manufacturers and the testers' fear – severe accidents as a result of drivers not paying attention. This is why numerous car manufacturers add these systems, such as Mobileye, to their vehicles. As such, buyers receive them as a built-in and integral part of their new vehicles.
Even in Israel, the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Road Safety are trying to give the population an incentive to have advanced safety systems installed in their vehicles. The State offers a 1,500 NIS discount on your vehicle tax, thereby reducing the cost dramatically. What interest does the State have in this? In most cases, the State prefers to raise taxes and to increase its income, and it certainly does not repeal any type of tax.
Economics is the answer, plain and simple. Road accidents cost the State a lot of money. The numbers are not exact because some of the accidents are not reported or damage is not reported as an accident. However, research conducted on this issue points to costs of more than 12 billion NIS annually on average (more than 2 % of the GNP) due to road accidents. The area with the highest expenses is, of course, healthcare.   Almost every injury requires the involvement of the healthcare system, and more often than not, of the hospitals. Severe injuries often require care amounting to hundreds of thousands and up to millions of shekels per injured person.
In addition to this, the State invests a fortune in infrastructure, i.e. resurfacing roads, repairing safety barriers, drawing out lanes, road signs, etc. All of this is done in order to improve existing infrastructure and to help prevent future road accidents. Furthermore, the police maintain a whole host of people that are needed to protect the Israeli infrastructure and drivers.  There are officers that patrol the roadways, traffic inspectors for investigating the circumstances of accidents, lawyers who put traffic offenders on trial, and those responsible for accidents, as well as judges used for sentencing these traffic offenders. So, NIS 1,500 to prevent a road accident? Suddenly this seems like such a small sum.
As mentioned before, safety systems, like Mobileye, do a number of important things that help prevent accidents or at least mitigate the damage resulting from them. Firstly, they warn about deviation from your lane. Secondly, they make a warning sound when the vehicle approaches a vehicle in front of it too fast.  Thirdly, they report a person in front of the vehicle and more. This system is easy to install in your vehicle and the savings – both in human lives and in monetary terms – are considerable.
For those using Mobileye, as well as for the State, there is a sense of relief that comes from knowing that there is another safety measure on the roads and, at least for the drivers, it is nice to know that with the purchase of a new car there is a nice tax relief.
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Written in cooperation with Mobileye.