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'It will cost lives,' says child rights group on car seat reform delay

The new regulations, demanding the installation of a safety system against forgetting children in cars, were set to come into effect on August 1 but were postponed to June 2022.

New system approved to prevent forgetting children in cars

If the system cannot get hold of a parent, it alerts rescue forces to the scene.

Two infants die after being forgotten in locked cars, we need a solution

Figures published by B’Terem (Safe Kids Israel), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting child safety, report 30 fatal cases of children being left in vehicles between 2008 and 2018.

Safety Tips for riding a moped

Okay, so you’ve finally decided it’s time for you to join the league of mopeds riders. Well, that's a pretty bold move.


Uber reports 107 US deaths connected to car-hire app over two years

Both passengers and drivers have been the victims of sexual and physical assault, the report reveals.


6 Simple Ways to Ensure Long-Term Hassle-Free Motoring

Owning a car is a huge monetary responsibility but also often a necessity. In fact, a car is most people’s second largest financial outgoing after their home.

Police and rescue forces investigate an explosive device which was attached to and blew up a car

Man close to criminal Michael Moore blown up in car

A 30-year-old man was killed close to Or Yehuda after an explosive device set off in his car.

A bee is seen on the frame of a hive in a village of Ripanj

Israeli start-up mimics nature to enable autonomous vehicles to see

"We essentially took the insect's head and put it on one piece of hardware, which you just connect to your car or vehicle."


ADI Systems and Movon launch driver-recording app

The application not only reconstructs the route the driver took, but also displays a wide range of data during the trip, such as the speed of the vehicle at any given time.

The vehicle-dafety system by Mobileye

Israeli car insurance discounted after installing Mobileye safety system

Recognizing that the advanced safety system, Mobileye, is saving lives and preventing car accidents, Israel now gives a discount to people who have installed the system.

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