Israeli disinfectant battles COVID-19 on public transportation

The ADS3000 disinfects the interior of every vehicle, plus its ventilation system, using a mixture of water mist and disinfectant.

The ADS3000 created by Auto Car  (photo credit: Courtesy)
The ADS3000 created by Auto Car
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Auto Cool released an innovative disinfection system meant to ensure that cars, public buses, and taxis used during the COVID-19 pandemic offer passengers and drivers the highest sanitary levels.  
The ADS3000 system mixes water and disinfectant to release water mist into the interior of the vehicle. Operated remotely, the ventilation system is turned on, disinfecting the air passages as well.
The entire process does not only remove COVID-19 viruses, but other pathogens as well. Simple and requiring only a few minutes, the process is safe health-wise and environmentally sound, a press release on behalf of Auto Cool reported on Sunday.
Noting that air conditioning ducts are often "a hotbed for bacteria and viruses," Auto Car CEO Ziv Farber said independent labs found the ADS3000 system is "100%" effective.
He argued that the system would be especially good for ambulances, which must face a great deal of health concerns due to the nature of the work they do. He expressed his confidence the system will be introduced to “80% of the market” by the end of the year.
In business for roughly 40 years, Auto Cool designs and builds air conditioning systems for cars and trucks as well as aviation systems and boats. Among their products are automatic slide doors and retractable steps. They operate all over the world, including the EU, North America and Asia.