Israeli girl's life saved as rise in drowning incidents noted

13 children have died so far in 2017 in drowning accidents across Israel.

Stormy weather at the Dead Sea 390 (photo credit: Reuters/Ronen Zvulon)
Stormy weather at the Dead Sea 390
(photo credit: Reuters/Ronen Zvulon)
A one-year-old girl nearly drowned in an Ashdod pool on Tuesday and is in moderate condition in the hospital, according to Beterem – The Israel Center for Child Safety and Health.
So far in 2017, 13 children have died in drowning accidents; about a third of them were aged from birth to four years. Since 2008, 154 children have drowned.
Beterem director-general Orly Silbinger said that “the holidays are a period of escaping from routine, but we must not forget to take all the safety measures and to closely watch children, especially those under the age of five.
Most of the tragedies occur very quickly, and in an unfamiliar environment when the parent is not paying attention. Fathers and mothers must be close, within touching distance, and keep in direct eye contact with the young child at all times and not be busy with their cellphones or any other distraction,” she said.
Instruct children what is permitted and what is forbidden to do alone. Establish an agreed meeting place with your children in case you do not find each other. When you plan to go with the children to the sea or pool, parents must decide who the responsible adult is at any moment.