Minister: N.Korean reconciliation shows Trump must be tough on Iran

Israeli Intel Minister: N.Korean reconciliations shows Trump must be tough on Iran

Main points of Intelligence and Transportation Minister Israel Katz's speech at the 7th Annual Jpost Conference in NY, April 29, 2018 (JBS TV)
The developments in recent days with regards to the denuclearization of North Korea may show that US President Donald Trump’s threats of sanctions and force are effective and must be used against Iran, Intelligence Services Minister Israel Katz said at Sunday’s Jerusalem Post Conference in New York.
Katz’s speech continues the significant pressure by Israeli leaders placed on the Trump administration to pull out from the international community’s nuclear agreement with Iran or change it significantly. The pressure from Israel counter-balances the recent pressure placed on the Trump administration by Europe to remain in the deal.
“It seems that when it comes to determined dictatorships, the tough approach is much more effective than engagement and compromise,” Katz said. “This lesson must be kept in mind as we approach the 12th of May, when President Trump will decide whether to withdraw from the nuclear agreement with Iran, and whether to renew the waiver on sanctions against Iran.”
Katz called on the international community to support the tough stance adopted by Trump on the Iranian nuclear issue.
“Now is the time to take the coalition that defeated ISIS and to build an international Western-Arab front against Iran – on the nuclear issue and on the regional issue,” he said. “There must be a coalition that will confront Iran and its proxies: politically, economically and, if necessary, also militarily.”
Katz also praised Trump’s decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem on May 14, calling it a “brave and just decision.” He called on Trump to attend the ceremony.
The minister added that there was one more gesture Trump should make to Israel: pardoning Israeli ex-spy Jonathan Pollard, who was paroled from prison two and a half years ago after serving 30 years of a life sentence.
Pollard’s parole conditions prevent him from leaving the state of New York. Pardoning Pollard would allow him to move to Israel.
“In order to make the celebration even happier, I would like to ask our great friend President Trump, to give the Israeli public one more present, and to allow Jonathan Pollard to come to Israel and celebrate with us in Jerusalem,” Katz said.
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