Israeli news anchor draws ire over comments about Corbyn and Avnery

KAN's Geula Even-Saar stands behind her statement on the evening news

Channel 1 news anchor Geula Even Sa'ar (photo credit: SCREENSHOT CHANNEL ONE)
Channel 1 news anchor Geula Even Sa'ar
KAN anchorwoman Geula Even-Saar drew criticism after comments she made during her program on Monday night about the death of former MK Uri Avnery.
Warrior for Peace: Uri Avnery passes away at 94, August 20, 2018 (Reuters)
Even-Saar, speaking on the evening news show of the public broadcaster, spoke of the passing of the journalist, left-wing lawmaker and longtime peace activist.
“Today, many people have eulogized him, including President Reuven Rivlin,” Even-Saar said, “but also Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn, and Palestinian Authority President Abu Mazen [Abbas], who don’t have a problem also eulogizing terrorists.”
Many were outraged at Even-Saar’s comments, and felt she was comparing Avnery – believed to be the first Israeli to ever meet with Yasser Arafat – to a terrorist.
Despite many of the complaints on social media, Even-Saar stood by her words on Tuesday morning.
“There were some people whose sensitive feelings were hurt last night about what I said (nobody has argued with me on the facts) on Corbyn and Abu Mazen,” the journalist wrote on Twitter. “To anyone with doubts: I stand behind these words. On the other hand, all of the ‘interpretations’ saying that I intended to offend Uri Avnery are totally baseless.”