Israeli-Palestinian vlogger Nas Daily completes 1,000-day global trek

Nuseir Yassin posts a video thanking his millions of fans at the 'end of the journey'

NUSEIR YASSIN, aka Nas Daily, during a video filmed in Jerusalem. (photo credit: screenshot)
NUSEIR YASSIN, aka Nas Daily, during a video filmed in Jerusalem.
(photo credit: screenshot)
The popular Israeli-Palestinian video blogger known as Nas Daily has finally completed the goal he set for himself in 2016: spending 1,000 days traveling the globe and posting daily videos.
Nuseir Yassin, a native of Arrabe in the Lower Galilee, marked his 1,000th and final day of sharing videos on his Facebook page on Saturday.
“Today is an emotional day,” he said, wiping away tears. “It marks the end of a 1,000-day journey from around the world. Every day, for 1,000 days, I made a video. I never missed a day, not even once. I don’t know how I did it.”
Yassin, 26, thanked all those who joined him virtually on his journey – which included close to 12 million Facebook followers.

“You, after 1,000 days, made this kid achieve his dream and grow to become a man,” he said Saturday. “And for that I am so thankful. I have to say goodbye now, because this is the end of the journey. But I’ll be back before you know it.”
Yassin said he will continue to post short videos on his Instagram page as well as on Facebook, but not as regularly as in the past.
Yassin, a Harvard graduate, was living and working in New York in 2016 when he decided to quit his job and travel the globe for 1,000 days. The self-identified Israeli-Palestinian has visited almost every corner of the globe, from China to Japan, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Chile, Peru, Canada, Iceland, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Kenya, Rwanda and many more countries.
But sprinkled among his 1,000 videos have also been many missives relating to his home country, and to the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.
In October 2017 he slammed the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement as “pure politics,” and said it harms people like him who are Palestinians with Israeli citizenship.
“If you want to boycott Israel because of Palestine, I don’t think you actually care,” he said, “because you’re also boycotting two million Muslim Palestinian Israelis.”
He organized many meet-ups around the globe, including one in Jerusalem in July 2017, designed to bring together Israelis and Palestinians for dialogue.
“It’s just a tiny little gathering of people that are in the middle, that want both peoples to succeed,” Yassin told The Jerusalem Post at the time. “It’s going to be a place where east Jerusalem and west Jerusalem and Tel Aviv are going to be in the same room together – which doesn’t happen very often.”
And his third-to-last video of the journey, posted on Thursday, was titled “The truth about Jews and Arabs.”
In the video, which has already been viewed more than three million times, Yassin said while there is a lot of hatred on both sides, not all is lost.
“The majority of Jews and Arabs actually want to get along,” he claimed. “Don’t let the few bad apples ruin it for everybody.”