Israeli scouts movement launches trek to spur Arab-Jewish dialogue

The cross-country trek is launched after weeks of violent unrest between Arabs and Jews with the goal of creating a constructive dialogue.

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Amid the violent unrest between Jews and Arabs in recent weeks, dozens of volunteers have joined the Israel Scouts on a cross-country trek in effort to create a constructive dialogue between the sides via lectures and other coexistence events.
“The aim of the project is to create an honest and open dialogue between Arabs and Jews and to make it accessible to the general public so that everyone can take part in it and lead to a change in relations,” the organization said in a statement Monday.
“The repeated confrontations between Jews and Arabs in the State of Israel should create a greater incentive for Israeli citizens to open a dialogue and not to distance the parties. Only through dialogue can we create the social change we have been longing for since the establishment of the state.”
According to the organization, 40 volunteers began the journey entitled “Another Way” in Haifa on Friday. They will travel as far south as Yeroham, in the Negev, by July 30.
One of the highlights of the event will include an exhibition tent to be erected at Habima Square in Tel Aviv, where the public will be presented with photographs illustrating the connection between Jews and Arabs in Israel.
The volunteers will also hold a TED-style conference with businesses and organizations that operate in partnership with Arabs and Jews.
Among the events planned are street graffiti paintings shared with the general public in cities throughout the country; panels of Arab and Jewish social activists; and light-hearted discussions about hummus dishes, street performances and film screenings.