Israelis still unsure how they'll be celebrating Independence Day this year

Last month, the Health Ministry announced that events using the Green Pass layout would be able to have thousands of participants on Yom Ha'atzmaut.

Israelis watch fireworks on Independence Day  (photo credit: ALONI MOR)
Israelis watch fireworks on Independence Day
(photo credit: ALONI MOR)
Despite a noticeable decrease in infection rates and announcements that large-scale Yom Haatzmaut celebrations would be permitted this year, many municipalities are still unsure how they'll be celebrating Israel's Independence Day this year, according to Israel Hayom.
Last year, Yom Haatzmaut celebrations were largely canceled due to the first wave of the coronavirus outbreak, with many cities replacing the traditional celebrations with trucks playing music or carrying entertainers and residents watching from their balconies.
Last month, the Health Ministry announced that events using the Green Pass layout would be able to have thousands of participants on Independence Day. However, municipalities have still not received exact guidelines on how to hold events, with some deciding to stick with party trucks or events without central stages. Most municipalities, however, still haven't decided how to celebrate Yom Haatzmaut.
In Petah Tikva, celebrations will take place at seven different locations around the city, with each location including music, clowns and actors dressed as Theodore Herzl and David Ben-Gurion, according to Israel Hayom.
In Ra'anana, Green Pass holders will be able to enjoy concerts by singers Zehava Ben and Natan Goshen. In Benyamina, no concerts will be held or central stages set up, but neighborhood parties will feature DJs.
In Rehovot, a festive show featuring singer Miri Mesika and comedian Avi Nussbaum will be live-streamed from the city's cultural hall on the municipality's Facebook page.
Ashkelon will host a light festival along the Bar Kochba promenade on the evening of Yom Ha'atzmaut and offer a variety of activities in parks the next day. In Dimona, events will be held indoors under the Green Pass layout, according to the newspaper. The city will also have a fireworks show and party trucks will be throughout the city.
According to Health Ministry guidelines, while general gatherings are limited to 20 indoors and 50 outdoors, worship places and ceremonies organized for green passport holders will be able to see the participation of several thousand people.
In accordance with what the government decided last month, outdoor venues with fewer than 10,000 seats can host up to 75% of maximum permitted capacity, up to 3,000 people. Those with more than 10,000 seats will be able to accommodate guests up to 30% of capacity, up to 5,000 people. Indoor venues with fewer than 5,000 seats will be open up to 75% of their capacity, up to 1,000 people and those with more than 5,000 seats up to 30% maximum permitted capacity and 3,000 people.
Events for the national holidays of Holocaust Remembrance Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day will also be organized under the Green Pass outline. Events where food is served, considered to be a high risk of infection, will be limited to 300 indoors and 500 outdoors.
For Memorial Day, families of fallen soldiers will have unlimited access to the cemeteries, which will function under “purple ribbon” standards.
Children who cannot be vaccinated were supposed to be able to receive a temporary green passport by undergoing a fast coronavirus test. It is unclear if rapid testing will be available by then since the deployment of fast testing options has already been delayed multiple times.
Rossella Tercatin contributed to this report.