J'lem municipality approves 300 new housing units in Gilo, beyond Green Line

During the Obama adminstration, disagreement about construction in the same neighborhood caused the current freeze in peace talks with the Palestinians.

Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
The Jerusalem Local Committee for Planning and Construction approved 300 housing units on Monday in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, located beyond the Green Line.
The approved projects are planned to be constructed on the western slopes of Gilo, between the Jerusalem neighborhood and Palestinian village of Walaja.
The promoters of the construction are three companies, which will take part in nine different projects – Gilat Zion (114 housing units), Or U’bracha (117 housing units) and Kiryat Melech (68 housing units).
Channel 2 News reported that construction plans in this area led to a strife with the US administration in 2014, and eventually caused an end to peace talks with the Palestinians.
Ir Amim researcher Aviv Tatarsky said in response to the approval: “The Gilo western slopes plan is on land expropriated from the village of Walaja, located just meters away from the new construction.
“The same government which promotes extensive construction for Israelis in Gilo also refuses to allow construction in Walaja and rendering a big part of the village under threat of demolition. Those who believe that Israelis and Palestinians can live on neighboring sides of the same wadi under such blatant discrimination is gravely mistaken,” he said.