Kamir Strategy, Cosmopole, launch a month of Israel-UAE Biomed events

Among the companies taking part in the webinars are Galmed, MediWound, and Ayana Pharma

The Gulf-Israel Women's Forum brings children draped in the flags of Bahrain, Israel and the UAE to Jerusalem's Old City.  (photo credit: ISRAEL HADARI)
The Gulf-Israel Women's Forum brings children draped in the flags of Bahrain, Israel and the UAE to Jerusalem's Old City.
(photo credit: ISRAEL HADARI)
Tel Aviv based consultancy firm Kamir Strategy and its Abu Dhabi based counterpart firm Cosmopole will launch a month-long series of webinars with a focus on BioMed technology and investments between Israel and the UAE, a Thursday press release reported.  
With the goal of introducing innovative Israeli companies to potential Emirates-based investors, “Connecting UAE-Israel” will kick off on Monday with a series of presentations with founders of such noted companies as Galmed, MediWound, Ayana Pharma, Inretio and aVISI.  
Galmed is currently at the clinical stage of producing a treatment for a fatty liver disorder – Non-Alcoholic SteatoHepatitis (NASH). Its CEO Allen Baharaff expressed his hope that the UAE will join the 200 medical centers across five continents which are already taking part in the NASH study being led by his company. 
He added that NASH "is a major health concern in the Middle East."
Ayana Pharma Executive Chairman Gal Cohen (Source: Ilan Habsor)Ayana Pharma Executive Chairman Gal Cohen (Source: Ilan Habsor)
In 2018 the Saudi Journal of Gastroenterology reported that liver disease cases in both Saudi Arabia and the UAE are expected to "at least double by 2030" because of obesity and type 2 diabetes mellitus. 
MediWound produces NexoBrid and applied in July to obtain FDA approval for the product, Globes reported at the time. 
The product removes eschar – dead skin tissue – from burn victims. 
MediWound CEO Sharon Malka said that "this collaboration with the UAE bears great potential for future discoveries" adding that he and his team "look forward to beginning this journey." 
Another innovative Israeli firm taking part in the Monday webinar, Ayana Pharma, is also waiting to obtain FDA approval for its cancer treatment. The treatment aims to reduce damage to healthy tissues in cancer patients who are undergoing tumor-destroying therapy by employing “nano-pumps,” which ensure that the cure is delivered to cancer cells, according to the company’s website. 
The webinar includes Inretio, a company which offers an innovative clot retrieval device to help stroke patients and aVISI, which is in the market of developing a drug delivery to fight causes of blindness. 
Kamir Strategy founder and chairman Eli Kamir said that he and his partners are "highly pleased to introduce the next phase in Israel and the UAE's historic peace accords."  
The opening talk will be delivered by Aviad Tamir, head of Life Sciences and Healthcare at Invest in Israel, which functions under the Economy Ministry and serves as the Foreign Investments and Industrial Cooperation Authority. Its goal is to be a "one-stop shop" for non-Israelis who wish to invest in the Jewish state, its site explains. 
Tamir will present an overview of the healthcare ecosystem in the country.