Major Israeli presence at world's largest military land exhibition

Thirteen Israeli companies will showcase products at AUSA.

IDF soldiers of the Golani Brigade train for scenarios involving enemies similar to Hezbollah. (photo credit: IDF SPOKESPERSON'S UNIT)
IDF soldiers of the Golani Brigade train for scenarios involving enemies similar to Hezbollah.
More than a dozen Israeli companies will participate in one of the biggest military land exhibitions in the world in Washington, DC as part of the annual meeting of the Association of the US Army (AUSA).
The Israeli pavilion organized by SIBAT – the International Defense Cooperation Directorate within the Defense Ministry – will see 13 companies present solutions focused on the protection of tactical forces, systems designed to detect explosives, missile systems, air and sea motion detection systems, and more.
“Threats of terrorism around the world, and the changing nature of conflicts, require solutions that are portable, flexible and fast. Israel’s small and medium defense companies, belonging to the SME sector, are able to provide rapid and flexible development and production to meet these needs,” said SIBAT Director Brig.-Gen. (res.) Michel Ben-Baruch.
“SIBAT continues to operate at the federal level as well as with the various states in order to create fruitful cooperation with Israel’s defense industry. The Israeli companies exhibiting at Israel’s National Pavilion bring with them advanced technologies that have already been proven operationally,” he added.
Among the innovative products which will be presented are Ortech’s Y-Fort Bunkers and Shielded Walls, which are designed to protect soldiers gathered in briefing areas and which can be assembled in a matter of a few hours by as few as three soldiers and a small tractor, if needed. Another product, developed by Mifram, is a unique barrier which can be easily installed without the need for special infrastructure to protect against ramming attacks by heavy vehicles.
Others include MS Tech’s portable explosive detection systems, Reshet Graf’s IFF (Identify Friend or Foe) solutions for personnel and vehicles which are made from a passive infrared-reflective material that can only be identified by night vision devices, and Magam’s self-sealing fuel tank, protecting against the impact of bullets up to 20 mm., which increases the survivability of vehicle and crew.
Another product, Double Shoot’s two-sided fire prevention system, which uses radio frequency communication technology, will also be showcased at AUSA.
Double Shoot, which will present for the first time at the exhibition, is a startup which aims to simplify and streamline zeroing high accuracy weapons and scoring systems using a unique application that can be installed on the weapon owner’s smartphone.
The innovative smartphone application can be used with a variety of pistols, assault rifles and machine guns.
IMI Systems will be showcasing the Iron Fist Light Active Protection Systems (APS) on Oshkosh’s Joint Light Tactical Vehicle M1280 General Purpose vehicle.
According to the company, the IF-LD light configuration active protection systems of IMI Systems is a hard-kill APS addresses a variety of threats such as short-range RPGs, anti-tank missiles, and more. Due to its modular design which does not require penetrating the vehicle’s roof, the IF-LD provides an operational solution for all types of armored fighting vehicles, from light armored vehicles up to main battle tanks.
“Today, military and security forces around the world need solutions for the rapid deployment of forces in the field and their protection. The Israeli defense industries have developed unique solutions to address these needs,” read a statement released by the Defense Ministry on Sunday.
“SIBAT continues to strengthen the cooperation between the Israeli defense industry and the US through cooperation with small- and medium-sized companies that provide unique, flexible solutions that are developed and deployed quickly,” it added.
The AUSA expo will begin October 8 in the US Capitol.