Man marries at hospital so his father with coronavirus can watch from afar

"We all teared up when the groom waved excitedly to his father from the area [where the chupa was]," said the coronavirus ward's head nurse.

A family gathers for a wedding held at Hadassah-University Medical Center so that the father of the groom, sick with coronavirus, can watch the wedding/courtesy Hadassah-University Medical Center
 A man infected with coronavirus and in critical condition was able to watch his son's wedding after Hadassah-University Medical Center staff arranged for the wedding to be outside of his window, according to the hospital spokesperson.
The 56-year-old man from Arad has been hospitalized since late September.
Earlier this week, the man's family, who are Gerrer hassidim, asked the Yad Avraham organization that often works with the hospital to hold the wedding in such a way that the man would be able to participate. The organization worked with the hospital to enable the wedding to occur under the man's window and according to Health Ministry guidelines. 
"All of the Hadassah staff, from security, logistics, communications to ward staff made it a mission to have the event," said the head nurse of the coronavirus ward in which the man is being treated. "We all teared up when the groom waved excitedly to his father from the area [where the chupa was]."
"There was not a dry eye when the family sent their father well wishes using the microphone," she went on to say. 
Director-general Prof. Zeev Rotstein said that "the possibility to give a father a chance to participate in his son's wedding – especially when he is very ill, is an unforgettable moment and a testament to the devotion and humanity of Hadassah staff."