Israeli High Court to continue accepting Utah civil marriage by video for now

The High Court's decision is not the final one on the issue, but the Utah marriages will continue to be accepted until a final decision is made.

Regular wedding dress or optical illusion?

The lace decorations in the center of the dress form a kind of face, some thought it reminded them of an old man's face while others that it reminded them of a dragon's face.

By Walla!

When the Torah cycle ended, their Russian-American romance began

Tamar Caplan and Alex Zeldin's love story is a Jewish Russian-American story.


WATCH: Yair Lapid serenades son at wedding day after UN speech

Yoav, Lapid's son from his first marriage, had a small wedding only inviting only close friends and family. Yoav has a very private life and has been staying out of the press.

UAE’s first rabbi: Jewish life can and is flourishing here

At a time when many of his peers were still living at home or focused solely on their studies, he was busy building the Jewish infrastructure that years later would help the Abraham Accords flourish.


Jonathan Pollard, ex-spy for Israel, engaged to be married

Jonathan Pollard was originally set to announce his engagement earlier Wednesday but postponed it until after the funeral of Maj. Bar Falah.

UAE chief Chabad rabbi married in the Gulf's largest Jewish wedding

The UAE's Chief Rabbi Levi Duchman opened the doors of his wedding to Lea Hadad, to turn the event into a mutual celebration of the second anniversary of the Abraham Accords.

Should you take the risk and buy a wedding dress online?

Every bride knows that the most expensive item for their wedding day will be their dress, and many brides spend thousands of dollars on a dress. This bride spent only $200.

By Walla!

Hora bass drops: Haredi wedding DJ with EDM music goes TikTok viral

Typically, haredi weddings have similar religious music and dancing, such as the classic hava nagila and other songs. But clearly, this viral TikTok of EDM music is something else.

Crime boss arrested again after attending daughter's wedding

It is suspected that Israeli crime boss Yossi Mosley tried to blackmail Jewish businessmen living in South Africa who specialize in the field of cryptocurrency.

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