Man stabbed at Israeli gym after allegedly talking to attacker's girlfriend

The victim was attacked during his weight-lifting set.

Stabbing attack at a Rishon Lezion gym (courtesy Police Spokesperson's Office)
A Rishon Lezion resident was arrested last week for stabbing a man mid-exercise at a gym in the city, according to the Police Spokesperson's Unit.
According to the indictment, the suspect, a 28-year-old resident of Rishon Lezion, allegedly exercised at the same gym a day prior to the stabbing. He allegedly punched the victim after he saw his girlfriend talking to him.
The day after, surveillance footage of the incident shows a man wielding a knife in plain sight entering the gym. He walks past his victim, and when the victim bends down to lift weights, he loops back around, plunges the knife into his side at least once and flees the scene.
Police identified the suspect as he was walking down Hannah Szenes Street in Rishon Letzion a few days after the incident and called him to stop. He attempted to escape, and after a chase he was arrested and taken in for questioning at the police station.
"I don't care. Today I go to jail. I want to sit in jail," the suspect said. "I have nothing to do on the outside, and if I want to stab, I will stab."
At the end of last week, the police prosecution filed an indictment in his case and a request to detain him until the end of the proceedings. He was charged with simple assault, threats and disturbance to a police officer during the performance of his duties.