COVID-19: Fitness Keeps The Virus At Bay, Say Medics

Frontline paramedic staff and doctors have admonished people to fight the Coronavirus the same way they would prepare for surgery, by actively staying fit and healthy.

Pick two focal points on opposite sides of the room. Balance on your tailbone and twist side to side
How to keep fit during lockdown, using only a baby and a stroller

Specifically, a boxing-inspired workout you can do at home with nothing but your bodyweight, your baby and your stroller.

How to stick to your fitness  New Year’s resolution
How to stick to your fitness New Year’s resolution

The key to keeping one’s 2020 health goals starts with setting the right goals.

Breast cancer
Sustained weight loss in middle-age may lower breast cancer risk

The more weight a woman lost and kept off, the lower her risk of breast cancer, researchers found.

Taly's Travel: Getting fit with Carmel fitness

In November, the program included Sup Pilates, Les Mills Body Balance, Yoga Block, Les Mills Tone, breathing workshop, Vinyasa Yoga, meditation with Tibetan bowls, healthy food lecture, and more.

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Ruth Bader Ginsburg: I never stopped working out during cancer treatments

The 86-year-old justice spoke to an audience at Berkeley Law School saying, "I do pushups, planks - both front and side" and also lifts weights with a personal trainer.

Gym illustrative
Study shows elderly can build muscle as easily as highly-trained peers

The researchers had expected that the first group of "master athletes" would have an increased ability to build muscle due to their superior levels of fitness over a prolonged period of time.

Turning fitness into a new bridge for peace with the Palestinians

“Israelis and Palestinians, I don’t know why we are still fighting,” Rouvio told The Jerusalem Post.

Flexity offers a platform designed to help people easily find and participate in fitness activities
Spotlight on Israeli startups - Flexity

Flexity offers companies a dynamic and convenient platform to enable and promote wellness programs which boost up employee happiness and productivity.

Two are better than one

Exercising in tandem

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