Man stung to death by bees in Kiryat Gat

Agricultural worker succumbs to his wounds after being treated for bee stings across entire body.

Swarm of bees (photo credit: INGIMAGE PHOTOS)
Swarm of bees
(photo credit: INGIMAGE PHOTOS)
A man attacked and stung all over his body by a large number of bees on Monday morning while working in an agricultural field near Kiryat Gat died almost immediately from choking, according to Magen David Adom.
Although the tragic case was unusual, it was not the first death by bee stings. Although it was not sure if the death was caused by the large amount of toxin from the stings or by a severe allergy to any amount of bee stings and resultant anaphylactic shock, the family said he was not allergic to bees and did not carry an Epipen as an antidote to treat shock.
After attempting to save the man, MDA pronounced his death later on Monday morning. He was buried in a Muslim cemetery on Monday afternoon.