Man surprises his wife with an Israeli dream house built for her in secret

What some people will do for love.

Man builds his wife a surprise dream house. (Kitchen/Dining Room Pictured) (photo credit: AMRI EMANUEL)
Man builds his wife a surprise dream house. (Kitchen/Dining Room Pictured)
(photo credit: AMRI EMANUEL)
As a gesture of his love for his beloved wife, a man designed and constructed a 300 square meter dream house for her as a complete surprise with the help of Israeli home designer Sandra Haliba and architect Manuel Epstein.
Haliba was given an almost unlimited budget throughout the year as she designed the house big enough to fit a couple and their five children in a Moshav in Sharon. All rooms have suite bathrooms, the basement contains its own living room, an outdoor pool, as well as two additional guest bedrooms for a house that is made both for comfort and entertainment.

When the surprise was finally revealed, the man's wife, as guessed, was in awe at the house of her dreams presented before her. She could not believe the work that went into the surprise and during the romantic dinner that was held that night around the pool she requested to hear more about the story and how he kept this secret for so long. The tale went on to be told for months by friends, family and themselves for months to come.
Just some of the highlights, the entire house was designed in a neo-classical style, with a sleek look combining modern lines with warm colors, rich textures and details. All the walkways and rooms contain high ceilings, giving it a spacious and comfortable look. As you walk into the foyer you get this sense right away as it leads you into the living room and public areas such as the kitchen. All the bedrooms are on the entry level and around the house there are magnificent windows overlooking the garden.
Each room seems to have it's own unique quirks. For example, the kitchen is separated from the living room by a large pillar wooden wall, inside of which is a massive aquarium that can be viewed from both sides of the wall. The furniture in the living room has both a modern and classy feel to it, with an excellent mixture of dark and light colors and a shag carpet that looks comfortable enough to sleep on. The master bedroom and bath are exquisite, containing a luxurious walk-in wardrobe, spa bathroom, French mirrors and even a seating area for relaxing or entertaining, while the children's bedrooms were specially designed to have a kid friendly feel.
As mentioned, all of the rooms in the house were uniquely designed and they all keep up with the warm-spacious theme of the rest of the house, contain their own special feel and each have something special built in that will make you audibly gasp. Haliba did not disappoint.
What some people will do for love.
Check out the pictures of the rest of the house below: