Meet Magen David Adom's female motorcyclists

These six medically-trained female volunteers beat traffic to save lives.

MDA's first female motorcyclists   (photo credit: MDA)
MDA's first female motorcyclists
(photo credit: MDA)
You have probably seen Magen David Adom's motorcyclists riding along the Israel roads, rushing to provide medical response in scenes of emergency events, but have you ever met MDA's lady motorcyclists? 
MDA's motorcycle fleet includes over 550 motorcycles that rush to accidents throughout Israel, carrying a kit with the complete lifesaving equipment found in an ambulance: a defibrillator, a respirator, dressings, an epinephrine injection for the treatment of life-threatening allergy attack and more.
"I have always loved motorcycles, and always rode," says Orit Gorgov, "Three years ago, I received the MDA motorcycle and since then, I have been riding it in response to every call."
"I remember well the first call to which I was dispatched as an emergency motorcyclist," says Sharon Green, "that event involved two persons who drowned in the sea, near the Beit Yanai Beach. I arrived there at record time, to help them, managed to provide a lifesaving treatment and both of them were saved."
There's a risk involved in riding a motorcycle, admits Lita Berzon, "yet I know that thanks to the motorcycle I can do my best to save lives."
Louise Rabinovitch, who is the only female MDA motorcyclist in the city of Ashdod, vowed to save lives after witnessing a traffic accident and realizing she doesn't know how to help. She's been volunteering with MDA for over 11 years now. 
"It gives me immense satisfaction to help sick and injured people in their difficult moments," says Stephanie Glick, who joined the MDA motorcycle unit just two weeks ago.