Zion Tech: Our Israeli start-up of the week aims to revolutionize travel

JPost gives you a glimpse inside the world of Israeli start-ups and innovations. This week: Meet FUGU luggage.

Fugu luggage- One case for all your needs
Zion Tech
Welcome to our new technology pick of the week. In Zion Tech we will highlight Israeli start-ups, applications and innovations. Israel is a rising center of technology with more than 4000 start-ups active in various areas of our life, from e-commerce to finance, health, mobile and more.
In the last decade more than 700 Israeli start-up companies sold for more then 40 billion dollars. Investors from all around the globe are coming to Israel to search for the next big thing.
Traveling light
Ever had the dilemma of which suitcase to choose before you travel? Well, we've all been there, and now FUGU luggage wants to help, with their new, expandable travel luggage.
The idea for FUGU luggage came to CEO Isaac Atlas in early 2013, while standing in line waiting to buy an extra suitcase to fit items that did not fit in his carry-on. With the help of Daniel Lifshitz and Daniel Gindis, he set out to make a better travel suitcase. The company says that they aim to "revolutionize the world of travel."
Fugu luggage. Photo: Ariel ZandbergFugu luggage. Photo: Ariel Zandberg
The expandable luggage can grow or shrink to accommodate changes in luggage, as well as different travel situations. The suitcase, which is built from water-proof plastic, has two, strong lateral walls which inflate using air pressure with a built-in pump. It's even collapsible, and can convert into a portable work station.
FUGU claims that the $249 suitcases are the only luggage you will ever need, and that the suitcase fit all travel needs.
The company has passed all stages of the patenting process, received grant money from the Chief Scientists' Office in the Ministry of Economy, successfully created a fully functional prototype, and even won awards during the 2013 Start-Up Open Competition in Tel Aviv. Now that development is complete, FUGU Luggage hopes to begin mass production, but in order to do so, they must raise the necessary money through their Kickstarter campaign. 
"Your support will enable us to finish developing the product, create molds and fund the first round of production," the company says on their Kickstarter page. "Be a part of FUGU LUGGAGE's success - help make all of our trips easier, more comfortable, and overall, much more enjoyable."
The Israeli company was set to launch their Kickstarter campaign Monday evening and hopes that the crowd-funding will help raise over $50,000 for their newly-patented project.
Zion Tech Grade 8.5/10