NIS 121,000 discovered hidden in Tel Aviv synagogue's ark

The response by the synagogue, “We’ll sit down and record this money as soon as possible.”

money (photo credit: REUTERS)
(photo credit: REUTERS)
Hundreds of envelopes containing cash donations, checks and foreign currency were found inside a Tel Aviv synagogue’s ark, totalling NIS 121,000. The funds were not recorded in the shul’s books and the last receipt issued by the synagogue was in October 2018.
The response by the synagogue: “We’ll sit down and record this money as soon as possible.”
According to a release by the Israel Tax Authority, these funds were found during a random audit, which the Tel Aviv-Jaffa assessments office recently carried out. The authority audited some 40 businesses and organizations in the area.
During the audits, the authority discovered that around 18% of businesses do not record income as required by law.
Recently, the Tel Aviv Tax Authority has been working to combat tax evasion, which will put the money back into the municipality and better benefit area residents.