Following 'human animals' scandal Oshrat Kotler reportedly resigns job

Kotler came under heavy criticism earlier this year after referring to IDF soldiers as "human animals."

Oshrat Kotler (photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Oshrat Kotler
(photo credit: Wikimedia Commons)
Oshrat Kotler, anchorwoman for Channel 13 who was embroiled in a scandal last month after calling IDF soldiers "human animals," will leave her job at the TV station in June, Israeli media reported on Thursday.
"Kotler requested unpaid leave of a year," the reports said.
Kotler came under heavy criticism last month after she referred to IDF soldiers as "human animals," following a report that army soldiers were suspected of beating detained Palestinians.
"The goal of the broadcast we aired on the soldiers, as well as my comments that followed, was for us, as a society, to take responsibility for the soldier's actions," Kotler said in a February broadcast. "The soldiers cannot be blamed when we are the ones who put them in this surreal daily routine in the West Bank."
"I am not a politician," exclaimed Kotler tearfully, as she repeated what she had said before - that her statement was specifically referring to the five soldiers and not the entire IDF.
Alon Einhorn contributed to this report.