Oto Nemsadze and friends burst into song when eating Jerusalem Khachapuri

The Georgian singer was filmed visiting the traditional Georgian restaurant Hachapuria in Jerusalem.

Georgian Eurovision singer in Jerusalem (Credit: Tango Shavit/Yalla Basta)
Khachapuri, a cheese-filled bread, is a staple food of the Georgian kitchen, is popular in Israel.  
The Georgian singer who is participating at the 2019 Eurovision competition, Oto Nemsadze, and his fellow performers visited the bustling Hachapuria restaurant at Mahane Yehuda on Wednesday and delighted patrons with a quick performance of Georgian singing. 
Georgian Jews have left an important mark on Israeli culture in other spheres besides food. 

Noted Israelis of Georgian origins include the late painter Meir Pichhadze and film director Dover Kosashvili.