PA Prime Minister Hamdallah's convoy pulled over for reckless driving in West Bank

This is not the first time that the PM's cars were stopped for dangerous driving.

PA Prime Minister Hamdallah's convoy pulled, November 23
Police in the West Bank stopped a convoy of vehicles traveling on Highway 60 after it was observed crossing the solid dividing line of the road and otherwise driving recklessly. After stopping the convoy, the police discovered that it belonged to Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah.
The convoy was allowed to proceed after the drivers were instructed to report later to the traffic division of the police. The cars were stopped between the settlements of Shilo and Eli. 
This is not the first time that Hamdallah's convoy has been caught for reckless driving. In January, his convoy was stopped for speeding and driving dangerously in the West Bank’s Area C.
In that incident, an angry Hamdallah got out of his car and hurled accusations at the army for unjustly pulling over his convoy, as a mostly Palestinian crowd quickly gathered and traffic was brought to a standstill.