Photo of Rabin assassin posted on kindergarten wall, parents aghast

Teacher summoned by Education Ministry for "urgent hearing."

Photo of Yigal Amir in child's collage (photo credit: Courtesy)
Photo of Yigal Amir in child's collage
(photo credit: Courtesy)
Parents were shocked on Tuesday morning when they discovered a photo of Yigal Amir posted on the wall of their children's kindergarten in Givatayim. Amir assassinated the late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin in Tel Aviv following a peace rally in the city's central square in 1995. 
The photo was part of a collage that was made by one of the children. 
"The kindergarten is part of the religious-public system and the teacher is a haredi woman from Bnei Berak and she is warm and fantastic and the children love her," one of the parents told Ma'ariv Online, The Jerusalem Post's Hebrew sister publication.
"It was family day and the children were asked to create collages from newspaper clippings," the parent said.
Sigal Schpitz-Toledano, a municipal representative of the city's kindergartens, said it is not completely clear what happened at the school.
"It is not clear if the teacher acted intentionally or whether she acted naively and in good faith, and we should wait until the matter is looked into," Schpitz-Toledano said.
According to parents, the photo was posted at the end of the classroom in a position that was not prominent. But one mother photographed the collage and complained to the city of Givatayim. 
"The teacher did not even know who Yigal Amir was. An injustice was done to a good and innocent woman," one parent said. 
The city of Givatayim said that as soon it received the complaint about the photo it was "removed immediately from the wall and the incident was being dealt with as a serious disciplinary matter by the Ministry of Education, the teacher's official employer."
The Education Ministry said the teacher was a substitute, the photo was removed immediately and the incident was being looked into. In addition, the ministry said, the teacher was summoned for an "urgent hearing."