Watch: Police chase down rock thrower in Jerusalem

Police video shows officers apprehending a Palestinian in Ras Al-Amud.

Stone thrower arrested in Jerusalem
A special operation has been taking place over the last few days in Jerusalem with hundreds of police and border guards in order to prevent the throwing of rocks and firebombs at homes and institutions in east Jerusalem.
The operation includes placing forces outside of educational institutions and doing various surveillance missions around neighborhoods.
In the afternoon on Monday, forces located a rock thrower in the neighborhood of Ras Al-Amud and arrested the suspect.
Commander of Jerusalem border police Superintendent Aviad Katfi said: "In recent days the forces have been working hard to keep order in the east of the city especially during the holiday period. The operations are focusing mainly on educational institutions and sensitive areas. We will continue to act against anyone who breaks the order in order to ensure the safety of Jerusalem's citizens."