Police detain pedophile accused of assaulting over 140 minors

Beno Reinhorn is accused of offenses including rape, sexual assault, sodomy, indecent exposure, online assault and more.

Rape [illustration] 370 (photo credit: Ingimage)
Rape [illustration] 370
(photo credit: Ingimage)
In the largest pedophile case in Israel’s history, Beno Reinhorn was arrested last week under suspicion of committing a series of sexual offenses against at least 140 minors.
Reinhorn is accused of offenses that include rape, sexual assault, sodomy, indecent exposure, online assault and more.
Reinhorn allegedly lured his victims through various social media platforms such as Instagram and WhatsApp using a number of disguises including an agent at a modeling agency, a TV and movie producer and bathing suit designer.
Reinhorn would exploit young girls’ innocence and convinced them to send him revealing, and at times, nude photographs of themselves.
Reinhorn had systematically used this technique on his victims for years, while ensuring that his victims would keep their correspondence on social media a secret from their parents and friends.
When parents, other family members or friends of the victims would confront Reinhorn, he would immediately end the correspondence and block that person and the victim involved from contacting him again.
Reinhorn, 35, lives in Herzliya. He is a handball coach and is employed by the Herzliya Municipality.
The Israel Police have been investigating the case for several months using a variety of surveillance techniques that connected the 140-plus victims to the suspect.
According to Israel media, the oldest case the police found was from 2008 and they suspect that there could potentially be several hundred cases that have gone unreported. As a result, they have asked the public to come forward if they have any information about this case.
Police collaborated with the Lahav 433 National Crime Unit and the cyber department of the State Attorney’s Office. They also worked with social welfare specialists who aided the victims.