WATCH: Police make violent arrest outside Temple Mount

Police arrested three Jewish men and one Arab man outside Temple Mount early Tuesday afternoon.

Police in violent arrest outside Temple Mount, August 1, 2017. (Video Yair Kehati)
Israel Police arrested three Jewish men, allegedly tasering one of them who was already on the ground, following an altercation in the Old City of Jerusalem just outside the Temple Mount on Tuesday afternoon.
According to the police, the three men became involved in a heated dispute and then a physical confrontation with an Arab man close to the Chain Gate, where non-Muslim visitors exit the Temple Mount.
Police arrived on the scene to halt the fight and arrested the Arab man along with the three Jewish men.
Video footage shot during the arrest shows the police using considerable force against the detainees, and at one point one of the policeman draws a taser gun, although it is unclear from the video if he used it or not.
Yair Kehati, a Temple Mount activist who happened to be present and who shot the video, told The Jerusalem Post that the police officer “100 percent used the taser,” saying that he heard the signature sound of the device.
In the video, a policeman can be seen pushing and shoving one of the detainees and then wrestling him to the ground. Another of the detainees was also wrestled to the ground, and while already lying down, was apparently tasered by one of the policemen.
The police said in response to the incident that the men arrested “opposed the instructions of the police, and began to attack the policemen," although the video shows no evidence of the detainees attacking the policemen.
“Security and protection operations of the police and Border Guard in Jerusalem, including the Temple Mount, is conducted professionally and sensitively,” the police said in a statement.