Police to build command center in Gilo, install 775 CCTV surveillance cameras

Facility part of NIS 1 billion security overhaul of capital’s flashpoint neighborhoods.

CCTV security camera (photo credit: INGIMAGE / ASAP)
CCTV security camera
(photo credit: INGIMAGE / ASAP)
Police have announced plans to construct an intelligence command center and install 775 CCTV surveillance cameras in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, located beyond the Green Line, to ensure the safety of the community’s 40,000 Jewish residents.
Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said on Tuesday that the command center is part of a NIS 1 billion security overhaul, which will feature six new police stations in flashpoint neighborhoods, as well as 1,200 additional officers.
“The center is being set up in order to give us a perimeter of all the activities taking place in Gilo,” said Rosenfeld.
“Ultimately, the idea is to expand and link up all the different CCTV surveillance systems in Jerusalem and have them under one umbrella at this command and information center – which is similar to Mabat 2000, the center we presently have in the Old City to monitor all activity there in real-time.”
According to Rosenfeld, the Gilo facility is part of a long-term security strategy being implemented over the next few months to monitor terrorist activity, as well as petty and violent crimes.
Last August, Jerusalem Police head Asst.-Ch.
Yoram Halevy announced the initiative, which will include the construction of six new police stations, in Jebl Mukaber, Isawiya, Beit Safafa, a-Tur, Shuafat and Sur Bahir.
Noting the perceived threat many Palestinians feel by law enforcement, Halevy said he will appoint municipal officials to work at each station to spearhead community outreach in an effort to lower tensions.
“The plan is intended to make changes to adapt to the security situation, while meeting the daily needs of local residents and helping to improve the quality of life in the public spaces with enforcement and deterrence against drug offenders, weapons offenders, property crime, and violence,” Halevy said at the time.
There are currently 3,500 police officers from a breadth of units stationed in Jerusalem. The initiative will increase that an unprecedented 4,700.
Rosenfeld said the strategic measure – being carried out in coordination with the Public Security Ministry, Police, and Jerusalem Municipality – is a critical part of a long-term plan to improve security across the capital, in both Jewish and Arab neighborhoods.
“Part of that plan is to open further police stations and police points within a wide range of neighborhoods, and have police officers that can support the community in a more in-depth manner,” he said.
“The strategic plan to increase officers, as well as technology over 2016-2017, is being implemented and has been significant to the expansion of security operations in Jerusalem,” he added.