Israel issues travel warnings over Islamist terror threats in African states

PMO's Counter-Terrorism Bureau says that after security assessment, new warnings were placed against travel to Niger, northern Cameroon, and Chad.

Al-Shabab militants (photo credit: REUTERS)
Al-Shabab militants
(photo credit: REUTERS)
The Counter-Terrorism Bureau posted travel warnings to several African states on Thursday, following an increase in the scope of terrorist attacks on the continent.
The bureau, a part of the Prime Minister’s Office, said that after a security assessment, new warnings were placed against travel to Niger, northern Cameroon, and Chad.
“A partial travel advisory has been issued for Cameroon, where an Islamic State affiliate – the Boko Haram organization – has expanded its activities and is carrying out terrorist activities in Cameroon, near the northwestern border with Niger. The main threats are kidnappings and attacks on local and Western targets, including Israeli and Jewish targets,” a statement by the bureau said.
An additional partial warning has been issued to Chad due to Boko Haram’s activities near its western border, with an emphasis on the capital city of N’Djamena and the provinces of Hadjer, Chari-Bagurimi, Lami, Lac, Mayo-Kebbi Es, Mayo-Kebbi-Quest, and N’Djamena.
The northern area of Niger was subject to a travel warning due to Boko Haram activities in its north and south.
“The level of threat for these travel warnings is high-concrete, and the Counter-Terrorism Bureau’s recommendation is to avoid visiting these locations, and to leave them as soon as possible,” a statement said.
The bureau also reiterated existing travel warnings for Kenya and Nigeria.
Boko Haram threatens security throughout all of Nigeria, particularly in the capital, Abuja, and northern Nigeria is subject to a higher threat.
In Kenya, the Somali Al-Shabab organization is active, and poses a potential threat to Israelis staying in the Afican state. The bureau said those who do not have to travel to Kenya should refrain from doing so.
“We note that there is a most severe travel warning for Nairobi and the coastal area,” the bureau said, “and our recommendation is to avoid traveling to this destination.