Likud MK: Belgium's policy of appeasement responsible for terror attacks

MK Nava Boker says that Belgium should be more concerned with its own terror threat than with initiating product labeling measures against Israel.

Passengers evacuate metro train in tunnel after blast
Belgium's "policy of appeasement" is responsible for the terror attacks that struck Brussel's airport and metro on Tuesday, killing at least 34 people, Likud MK Nava Boker stated.
"Rather than point to radical Islam as the number one cause of global terror today, Belgian Interior Minister [Jan] Jambon chooses to claim that more must be done to make young Muslims 'feel at home,'" she added.
"Belgium must close its borders immediately, eject from itself the inciters and stop Muslim immigration into the country," she charged.
Boker said that Belgium would be better served to deal with its own internal terror threat, rather than "dealing with product-labeling initiatives against Israel."
Zionist Union MK Kesenia Svetlova said that the terror attacks in Brussels show that "European multi-culturalism has failed as a result of continued neglecting and ignoring of the challenges it poses."
Svetlova said that Europe had ignored the problems of integration, such as second generation immigrants becoming radicalized despite having been born on the continent.
"Europe must come up with a continent-wide plan for a war on extreme and destructive ideology and a holistic approach to deal with all of the negatives entering the continent in the name of extremist Islamic ideology, such as female circumcision, preventing education, racism, forced marriage, polygamy and other issues."
Joint List MK Ahmed Tibi called the attacks "worthy of moral and political denunciation."
Tibi said that he had also condemned the weekend's attacks in Istanbul, in which three Israelis were killed.
"Whether it's ISIS or not, it is terrible and atrocious," he said.