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Taliban chief negotiator Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar (front) leaves after peace talks with Afghan sen

Taliban taps Abdul Ghani Baradar as new head of Afghanistan's government

Baradar is the co-founder and de facto leader of the Islamist organization, though in theory serves under Supreme Leader Hibatullah Akhundzada.


Taliban advances in Afghanistan: Which cities do they control?

Following is a list of provincial capitals that have fallen to, or are being contested by the Islamist militants, who are fighting to reimpose strict Islamic law after they were ousted in 2001.


Taliban tighten grip on Afghanistan as all eyes turn to capital Kabul

As the UN warned that a Taliban offensive reaching the capital would have a "catastrophic impact on civilians," the US and Germany urged all their citizens to leave Afghanistan immediately

gaza salafists

Gaza resort bombed for holding mixed-gender concert

Islamic State (ISIS)-inspired groups in the Gaza Strip accused a resort of holding a music concert for men and women — And then attacked.

Boko Haram

Islamic State West African Province says Boko Haram leader is dead

Two people familiar with Boko Haram chief al-Barnawi told Reuters the voice on the recording was that of the ISWAP leader.

An IDF artillery unit fires towards Gaza Strip near the Israel-Gaza border in Southern Israel, May 1

How to defend Israel: Do not claim victimhood or deny power - opinion

Israel is fighting Islamic jihadism just like the West.

Suspected Islamists kill 22 with knives, machetes in eastern Congo

A four-month-old baby was found alive on the back of one of the victims, one of seven children from the same family believed to have been orphaned in the latest violence that hit a number of villages

SMOKE RISES from artillery strikes near Afrin.

Turkish-backed extremists in Syria pose threat to religious freedom

A new annual report for 2021 by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom documents some of Ankara’s concerning actions, Turkey’s role and how Ankara fans the flames.

Israel's political extremes: Let the lion lie with the lamb

KNOW COMMENT: Minimal national unity, or simple political sanity, must override a pull toward the extremes

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